Management Track

The Management track at the IBA-SBS International Conference, 2022 invites manuscripts related to topics in the general domain of management. Potential areas of research include, but are not limited to, organizational behavior, supply chain management, management education, entrepreneurship, and human resource management. In particular, the conference invites contributions dealing with managing in times of crisis, with a specific focus on managing during the COVID-19 pandemic. A potential list of topics that may be considered are provided below. The list is not designed to be exhaustive, and is solely presented as a representation of topics that may be considered to deal with managing in times of COVID-19.

People Management under Covid-19

  • Effects of pandemic related stress on individual performance
  • Effects of pandemic on employee well being
  • Gendered differences in how the pandemic affected individuals
  • Disruption of work-life balance during COVID-19 lockdowns

Supply Chain Management under Covid-19

  • Supply chain resilience and firm performance during COVID-19
  • Effects of COVID-19 on supply chain agility
  • Supply chain responses to the challenges of COVID-19
  • Disruption effects on global supply chains during COVID-19

Organizational Strategy and Covid-19

  • Long term planning lessons from COVID-19
  • Organizational transformation as a response to COVID-19
  • Behavioral Strategy amid disruptions from COVID-19

Management Education during Covid-19

  • COVID-19 and the future of management education
  • Effects of COVID-19 and responses of educational institutes
  • Opportunities for change in a post-COVID world

Track Chair

Dr. Muhammad Ayaz

Dr. Muhammad Ayaz

Assistant Professor – Chairperson Management Department