Keynote Speakers

Joseph Devlin

Joseph Devlin

Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience & Vice Dean (Innovation & Enterprise), Faculty of Brain Sciences at University College London

Joseph is a Neuroscientist with 20+ years of experience conducting world-class research. Expertise in language, narrative, audience engagement and consumer neuroscience.

He is an author of 80+ articles in top scientific journals including Science, Nature, Nature Neuroscience, Current Biology and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

His work has been featured on the front page of The Times, in the Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Independent, New York Times, and on the BBC and CNN.

He is interested in applying the most recent advances in neuroscience, behavioural science, nudge, and AI to finding solutions for businesses.

At the conference, Joseph will deliver a keynote speech on neuro-ethics.

Daniel Richardson

Daniel Richardson

Professor of Experimental Psychology at University College London

Daniel C. Richardson is a Professor of Experimental Psychology at University College London. Prior to that, he was an undergraduate at Magdalen College, Oxford, a graduate student at Cornell, a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford, and an assistant professor at UC Santa Cruz. His research examines how individuals' thought processes are related to the people around them. He has authored many scientific articles in cognitive, developmental and social psychology and two popular science books, Man vs Mind and A Dummies Guide to Social Psychology. He has received three Provost's Teaching Awards from UCL, and has performed shows at the London Science Museum and Bloomsbury theatre combining science, music and live experiments on the group mind of the audience.

At the conference, Daniel will be talking about 'understanding collective experience and its ability to predict marketing success'

Omar Al-Tabbaa

Dr. Omar Al-Tabbaa

Associate Professor, Leeds University, UK

Omar Al-Tabbaa (Ph.D. University of Leeds) is an Associate Professor in International Business at the University of Leeds. His research interest and expertise cut across a number of themes including internationalization strategy and firm competitiveness (SMEs post-entry speed, collaborative technology transfer, and international strategic alliance); governance and co-learning in global value chains; and digital ventures (collaborative business models in the sharing economy, digital ecosystem, and survival of international digital platform firms); and cross-sector collaboration for public value creation. His work has been published widely in several leading journals, and his research and enterprise activities have been supported by grants totaling more than £1 m. Currently, Omar is an academic advisor for the UK Commonwealth Scholarship Commission.

At the conference, Dr. Omar Al-Tabbaa will be presenting his research: "How does adaptive learning take place in cross-sector collaboration during global crises? Insights from emerging economies".

Dr. M Kabir Hassan

Professor Dr. M Kabir Hassan

Professor of Finance

Professor Dr. M Kabir Hassan is Professor of Finance in the Department of Economics and Finance in the University of New Orleans. He currently holds three endowed Chairs-Hibernia Professor of Economics and Finance, Hancock Whitney Chair Professor in Business, and Bank One Professor in Business- in the University of New Orleans. He is also a financial economist who has extensive research and consulting experience in disciplines such as Islamic finance, capital markets, investment, monetary economics, macroeconomics and international trade and finance to name a few. According to the journal of finance, Professor Hassan is in the top 1% of his peers who continue to publish one article per year and has done so for several years. He is also deemed to be one of the most prolific authors in financial literature over the past 50 years. Moreover, according to Stanford University, he is one of the most well-cited authors in the world.