Conference Tracks

The IBA-SBS International Conference (IBA-SBSIC), bringing together scholars, professionals, and policymakers from across the world, offers a learning and networking platform for the latest research to address burning questions facing businesses in today's globalized world.

The IBA-SBSIC scope encompasses research from the disciplines of Management, Marketing, Finance, Accounting and Law.

The conference theme for this year is Sustainability: Global and Local Challenges. Sustainability entails the ability to maintain or support processes or conditions over time, often used in the context of natural resources, such as the ability to maintain or support the use of resources without depleting them. It is also used in the context of social and economic systems, such as the ability to maintain or support the well-being of people and communities over time. This complex concept involves balancing economic, social, and environmental factors to ensure long-term viability.

Given the increasing importance of sustainability in the current socioeconomic climate, the IBA-SBSIC 2023 aims to provide a platform to discuss the opportunities and challenges sustainability presents businesses. The IBA-SBSIC 2023 invites contributions from scholars working in this area to the following four tracks: