Today, innovative technologies are dynamically transforming the way organizations manage their operations. Indeed, with the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other pioneering technologies, the interaction among firms, employees, and suppliers is undergoing fundamental changes, leading to increased automation of the administrative aspects of HRM activities and tasks.

The management track at the IBA-SBS International Conference 2024 invites contributions on topics within the management domain, with a focus on how AI is reshaping the business landscape.

Potential research themes include, but are not limited to, organizational behavior, strategy, supply chain management, management education, entrepreneurship, and human resource management.

The following list, while not exhaustive, provides a guideline for potential topics.

Organizational Behavior

  • AI and organizational culture transformation
  • AI and employee attitudes and behaviors
  • Leadership in the age of AI
  • AI, team dynamics, and collaboratio


  • Strategic innovation through AI
  • AI in strategic decision-making
  • Sector-specific AI strategies
  • Strategic challenges and barriers to AI adoptio


  • AI in business models and entrepreneurship
  • Innovation and sustainable entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship and disruption through AI
  • Ethical Entrepreneurship in AI

Supply Chain Management (SCM) in the Era of AI

  • Circular supply chain strategies
  • Supply chain analytics
  • Supply chain complexity, resilience, and sustainable strategies
  • AI and blockchain in SCM
  • Behavioral SCM
  • Supply chain optimization/modeling & simulation

Human Resource Management (HRM)

  • AI in HRM practices
  • Strategic HRM in the AI era
  • Ethical implications of AI in HRM

Management Education

  • AI in pedagogical approaches
  • The future of management education
  • Digital literacy and AI competencies
  • Ethical and responsible AI use in education

Note: The list above, though not exhaustive, serves as a guideline for potential topics.

Track Chair

Dr. Yasir Mansoor Kundi


Dr. Yasir Mansoor Kundi
Assistant Professor