Accounting and Law

Accounting and Law

The current business environment in Pakistan, stemming from political and regulatory uncertainties, poses complex challenges for accounting practices. Accounting serves as a critical instrument for ensuring financial governance and facilitating strategic decision-making in growth of businesses. Against this backdrop, the escalating impact of technology, notably Artificial Intelligence (AI), introduces promising avenues. AI not only offers a potential solution to mitigate multifaceted challenges but also serves as a catalyst for business growth by optimizing operational efficiencies and informing strategic decision-making processes. This juxtaposition of challenges and opportunities sets the stage for in-depth exploration within the thematic framework of the conference, "AI and the Future of Work: Transforming Business Operations and Workforce Dynamics."

We invite researchers and practitioners to contribute papers exploring the intersection of AI, Business Operations, and Workforce Dynamics within the domain of accounting and law.

The list below, though not exhaustive, serves as a guideline for potential topics.

1) AI in Financial Reporting: Explore how AI technologies are shaping the landscape of financial reporting, ensuring accuracy, and enhancing decision-making processes.

2) Legal Implications of AI in the Workplace: Examine the legal aspects surrounding the integration of AI in employment, addressing issues of privacy, ethical considerations, and potential legal challenges.

3) Smart Contracts and Blockchain in Accounting: Investigate the impact of smart contracts and blockchain technology on accounting practices, ensuring transparency and security in financial transactions.

4) AI-driven Compliance and Regulations: Investigate how AI is transforming compliance processes and helping organizations adhere to ever-evolving legal and regulatory requirements.

5) Ethical Considerations in AI Adoption: Discuss the ethical implications of AI in accounting and law, exploring responsible AI practices and the role of professionals in ensuring ethical standards.

Join us in unraveling the transformative power of AI in shaping the future of work within the realms of accounting and law. Share your insights and contribute to the discourse on navigating the evolving landscape of business operations and workforce dynamics.

Note: The list above, though not exhaustive, serves as a guideline for potential topics.

Track Chair

Dr. Syed Sharjeel Ahmad Hasnie

Accounting & Law

Haroon Tabraze
Faculty Member